Design Concept

Xuandi is a trendily sports under-bone series aiming at the young riders. The frame, body structure and styling are all brand new design, in order to break the stereotype of the existing under-bone bikes. In addition to meet the practical requirements, we blended the personality, vitality and dynamic into the stylish design, upgrading the motorbike’s sense of value and taste, and moreover, redefining the new standard of under bone motorbike. As a type of trendily motorbike, Xuandi can completely meet the individual needs of the modern young generation.

In addition, after taking positioning strategy and the product practicability into consideration, for meeting the customers’multipurposedemands, Xuandi launched sporty and utilitymodel; both of them share the common platform. 

Design Features

Based on the deep research in the average height and riding posture of the target users, we designed the frame and body structure, assume  that it has excellent maneuverability and practicability. Due to the big storage capacity which is sufficient for containing a half helmet,the practicability is dramatically increased。

The sportyelements consisting of sophisticated surfaces, smooth lines and exquisite details made the motorbike agile and dynamic.


Redefining the new standard of under bone motorbike

Design Works