Design Concept

With a sincere, introverted low-key temperament, HJ125-23 integrated dynamic from sports bike with multifunction from practical bike. Designer applied the simple but innovative strategy to increase the modern sense, in the accordance with the public aesthetic, avoided radical expression in styling , and elaborately handled every detail into perfection, concise but definitely not simple. In addition, the upturned tail with the fastback tail lamps not only accentuated the sportiness of street bike but also can be used to mount footrests and carriers, which is a perfect combination of aesthetic and practicability.

Design Features

The design of the body simplified all the complexities, by applying tensional surfaces and lines presented a compact and balanced volume, exuding a lean and agile charm from every aspect. The arrowhead-shape air deflector and head lamp are dynamic and novel. The design idea behind the 3-Dimensional, compact oil tank and the small side cover is to ensure a slim, nimble body volume. The tail lamps adopted a rare fastback design, increasing the visibility from the side, which provided customers safety along with innovation and uniqueness.


New generation
crossover bike,
concise but
not simple

Design Works